fabric presents The Martinez Brothers

The Martinez Brothers / Various Artists

Double LP

Their early years were spent on the streets of The Bronx, but The Martinez Brothers went on to tour the world with dance music royalty such as Dennis Ferrer, Erick Morillo and Louie Vega before they'd even finished high school. This 23-track mix therefore includes respected names like Chicago innovator Paul Johnson and Detroit multi-instrumentalist Amp Fiddler. Three exclusive Martinez Brothers tracks stud the 75 minute offering. The lead single ‘Mistakes’ is a tech-oriented offering whilst ‘Jam Joint’ is a more hypnotic, stripped-back groover. The collaboration with New York house aficionado Louie Vega on the soulful ‘Let It Go (TMB Alternate Version)’* convincingly rounds up the comp. 

fabric presents The Martinez Brothers The Martinez Brothers / Various Artists
  • 1.Tom Flynn feat. Amp Fiddler - The Future [DIRTYBIRD]
  • 2.Varhat - Chhulub (Cabanne Remix) [Polyson]
  • 3.Frak - Bitter Drop [Borft Records]
  • 4.Blaze feat. Piano Man - #6 Hubert Street (Klubhead Style) [Defected]
  • 5.Mahony & Floog - Nu Mai [Vatos Locos]
  • 6.Jam Joint [Cuttin' Headz]
  • 7.Funky People feat. Cassio Ware - Funky People (Klubhead Vocal) [Defected]
  • 8.Sangre Voss - One Bad Mango [Third Place Records]
  • 9.The Bayara Citizens - Mafungo (Joe's Forest Version) [Sacred Rhythm Music & Cosmic Arts, Inc]
  • 10.Roots Orchestra - Kalabuta [Un-Restricted Access]
  • 11.Kai Alce feat. Azulu Phantom - Power Thru Pt 3 (Don't Turn On The Lights) (Martinez Brothers Edit) [NDATL Muzik]
  • 12.Big Strick - Spontaneous Combustion [7 Days Entertainment]
  • 13.Glen Lewis feat. Mjojo & Bongani - Life Everlasting (Dennis Ferrer's Passion Of C Dub) [Funk la planet Records]
  • 14.Love Letters - Ducue (Xtended Dick Dub) [Yield]
  • 15.Dan Curtin - Echozeichen [District of Corruption]
  • 16.Brinton Mckay - Real Cool (Abe Duque Remix) [Rapture!Records]
  • 17.Mistakes
  • 18.Trevor Rockcliffe feat. Blake Baxter - Visions Of You (Carl Cox Remix) [Intec Records]
  • 19.Paul Johnson - House Illusion [Moody Recordings]
  • 20.Party Crashers - Come And Get It [Acacia Records Detroit]
  • 21.Sir Lord Commix - Chicago Jazz [R-Time Records]
  • 22.K Alexi Shelby - Spanish Fly [Elypsia]
  • 23.Louis Vega & The Martinez Brothers - Let It Go (TMB Alternate Version) [Cuttin' Headz]
  • 24.Various - fabric presents The Martinez Brothers (continuous mix)

Cat no: FABRIC203
Label: Fabric Worldwide
Info correct on: 24/9/2019