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Enter the all-encompassing universe of Everything, a score by Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano.

Icnoic animator, film-maker and game creator David OReilly has built an interactive world for you to explore at your choosing. Whether you decide to take the role of a microbe inside a plant in the desert, or a star in the furthermost galaxy, each layer of the game is coated with ambience which takes the simulation even further into the limitless boundaries of each world. Composers Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano have shaped this experience with their intricate 4-hour soundscape, alongside the continuous narration by philosopher Alan Watts.

“Composing something quite modular yet coherent that connects with the idea and fabric of the game was quite a task. We discussed many approaches, from really mathematical and direct, to abstract and philosophical, and we ended up with a mixture of both. Every element depends and builds on another and connects to previous and following songs. May it be on a compositional or on an abstract and conceptual level, the game and the music follow the same path and shares almost the same inspirational DNA.“ — Ben Lukas Boysen

Everything OST Ben Lukas Boysen / Sebastian Plano
  • 1.Opening
  • 2.We're Here
  • 3.Winding And Unwinding
  • 4.Eisenach
  • 5.An Infinite Day
  • 6.Opening Light
  • 7.Aalystice
  • 8.Inside Air
  • 9.After Our Efforts
  • 10.Reaching Light

Item code: ERATP099CD
Label: Erased Tapes
Info correct on: 13/6/2017