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A Kiss for the Whole World

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The seventh full length album from the modern-legends Enter Shikari - and their first to hit #1 on the UK charts! - following on from their acclaimed, #2 charting 'Nothing Is True And Everything Is Possible'.

It was in the Spring of 2022 that the band descended to the coastal town of Chichester, and a delipidated farmhouse, to rebuild their studio setup and capture their renewed momentum on record. Using only solar power to track the album–in what Reynolds says was to “bring back some sense of naivety” – the life-giving properties and Technicolor palate of A Kiss For The Whole World were made real. Reynolds continues: “Back to basics. This band - my best friends - bundled into an old farmhouse, miles away from anywhere.

Off-grid, and ready to rediscover ourselves. This album is powered by the sun, the most powerful object in our solar system. And I think you can tell. It’s a collection of songs that represent an explosive reconnection with what Enter Shikari is. The beginning of our second act”.

in Kingston - photo by Jez Pennington

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Enter Shikari A Kiss for the Whole World
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  • 3.It Hurts
  • 4.Leap into the Lightning
  • 5.feed yøur søul
  • 6.Dead Wood
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