Lolita, No!


Duo, comprising lead singer of acclaimed indie band The Kooks, Luke Pritchard and his singer-songwriter wife Ellie Rose was formed in the red hot heat of passion, echoing sounds of French pop and a heady sense of intimacy. Sharing a fondness for sixties and seventies music and with an evident musical and physical chemistry between the two of them, Duo is an all-out passion project.

‘Lolita, No!’ carries a street-funk swagger personified by Ellie’s femme-fatal characterisation. This remix package of the track comes from Don Carlos, the Italian house legend whose track Alone is a Balearic classic and who is still now revered as one of the great Italian house DJs, and new talent Sempre who is taking the raw ingredients of that scene and making it his own in a futuristic way.

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DUO Lolita, No!
  • 1.Don Carlos Club Mix
  • 2.Sempre Midnight Mix
  • 3.Don Carlos Anthem Dub Mix

Item code: DUO001RX
Label: LiTA
Info correct on: 16/6/2021