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12" baby pink / white splatter

Most recently dispatched: 16 August

12" is on 'baby pink w/ heavy white splatter' coloured vinyl with a screen-printed B-side.

A new 12" EP from the punk-rock agitators Drug Church, following on from their acclaimed 2018 record CHEER.

Tawny is comprised of Drug Church's crushing 2020 single "Bliss Out," a cover of Arcwelder's "Remember To Forget," and two brand new songs, "Tawny" and "Head-Off," which feature some of the band's most dynamic songwriting to date. The tracks build on the most melodic moments of Cheer without losing any of the bite and energy that has made Drug Church so appealing to fans of heavy and catchy music alike. "Head-Off" opens the EP and immediately makes it clear that the band aren't content to rest on their laurels. The song begins with a driving beat from drummer Chris Villeneuve while guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha weave unexpectedly shimmering guitar lines overtop of Pat Wynne's propulsive bass; even Kindlon's customary roar has taken a turn, with layered vocals and the singer's cadences at their most instantly hooky. All of these melodic moments only serve to make Drug Church's sound even more combustable, and "Head-Off" and "Tawny" both erupt into immensely satisfying blasts of powerhouse guitars and Kindlon's sardonic bark.

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