Dream Nails

Dream Nails

LP white/green
LP + Tote bag white/green
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LP is on 'galaxy (white / green)' coloured vinyl.

We've got a limited number of tote-bags to give away free with the LP.

The new self-titled record from the awesome garage-punks Dream Nails. Fans of Bikini  Kill, The Regrettes, Ramones and Dream Wife should check this out.

The band’s singer Janey Starling explains: “For those born beyond the M25, 'chirpse' is London slang for flirting and ‘chirpse degree burns’ is our personal slang for the injuries borne from romantic misadventure. The song is a tribute to the gut-wrenching feeling of checking your phone every 5 minutes to see if your crush has replied.” The band’s drummer Lucy Katz adds “The song started as a joke after a fateful Glastonbury where a couple of band members (who shall forever remain unnamed...) got ghosted by their festival crushes.”

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Dream Nails Dream Nails
  • 1.Affirmations (skit)
  • 2.Jillian [2:39]
  • 3.Do You Want To Go To Work? (Skit)
  • 4.Corporate Realness [1:59]
  • 5.Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns) [2:00]
  • 6.Women and Non-Binary People to the Front (Skit)
  • 7.Vagina Police
  • 8.DIY
  • 9.People Are Like Cities
  • 10.Swimming Pool
  • 11.This Is The Summer
  • 12.Fighting Tips (Skit)
  • 13.Payback [3:24]
  • 14.In Other News (skit)
  • 15.Kiss My Fist [3:00]

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