Dinosaur Jr

Green Mind

2 CD
Double LP

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Please note: the tracklisting is detailing the Double LP.

Remastered and expanded edition of the classic 4th full length album and major-label-debut from Dinosaur Jr.

Produced by a stripped down line-up of the group (in fact, J Mascis himself plays almost everything), the album and Sire’s international reach took Dinosaur Jr’s reputation to a new level, aided by the singles ‘The Wagon’ and ‘Whatever’s Cool With Me’, a non-album EP of new material and live recordings, all of which are included here.

Critically lauded on release, ‘Green Mind’ remains one of the band’s strongest collections, and a firm fan favourite. Collected together here for the first time with related singles, B-sides and live recordings, and accompanied by in-depth sleevenotes from Mojo’s Keith Cameron (based on recent and exclusive interviews with J Mascis), this edition provides a thorough snapshot of the band at a period when all eyes were on American guitar groups, many of whom owed their existence to Dinosaur Jr.

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Dinosaur Jr Green Mind
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  • 1.The Wagon
  • 2.Puke + Cry
  • 3.Blowing It
  • 4.I Live For That Look
  • 5.Flying Cloud
  • 6.How'd You Pin That One On Me
  • 7.Water
  • 8.Muck
  • 9.Thumb
  • 10.Green Mind
  • 11.Pebbles + Weeds
  • 12.The Little Baby
  • 13.Not You Again
  • 14.Quicksand (Wagon Reprise)
  • 15.Throw Down
  • 16.Whateverâ??s Cool With Me
  • 17.Sideways
  • 18.Thumb (Live)
  • 19.Keep The Glove (Live)
  • 20.The Lung (Live)
  • 21.The Post (Live)

Cat no: PCDBRED756
Label: Cherry Mind
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