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BELLA" is DENNIS YOUNG's (founding member of LIQUID LIQUID) first solo album of entirely new material in more than 15 years. It charts yet another new direction in his unpredictable career. This collection of instrumental pieces may surprise those familiar with his previous projects (issued by labels such as BUREAU B, ATHENS OF THE NORTH, and STAUBGOLD, among others), but his willingness to explore timbres of all kinds should have prepared us all to expect the unexpected. Limited pressing of just 300 copies on clear vinyl.

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Dennis Young Bella
  • 1.Daybreak
  • 2.City & The Stars
  • 3.Tightrope Tandem
  • 4.Submerged
  • 5.Die Glocke
  • 6.The Invention Of Rubber Bands
  • 7.Weightless
  • 8.Park & Ride
  • 9.Behold A Pale Horse
  • 10.Fade To Black
  • 11.Paradox
  • 12.Coda

Item code: EEAOA052
Label: Elevator Bath Records
Info correct on: 24/7/2020