Delmer Darion

Morning Pageants


Delmer Darion is the West Midlands-born and North London-based experimental electronic/ IDM project of Tom Lenton and Oliver Jack, taking its name from the deep-sea diver found at the top of a charred tree after a forest fire in Paul Thomas Anderson’s cult film ‘Magnolia’.

Their debut album ‘Morning Pageants’ has been five-years in the making: a sprawling, industrial ten-track account of the death of the devil as a tragedy for the imagination, inspired by a line in the Wallace Stevens poem ‘Esthétique du Mal’, due for release this October on Practise Music (Squid, Shards, William Doyle).

RIYL: Fennesz, Flaming Tunes, Lapalux, Against All Logic

Delmer Darion Morning Pageants
  • 1.Recto
  • 2.Darkening
  • 3.Wildering
  • 4.Narrowing
  • 5.Lacuna
  • 6.Pearse
  • 7.Brossier
  • 8.Genoa
  • 9.St. Louis
  • 10.Television

Item code: PMCD01
Label: Practise Music
Info correct on: 28/7/2020