Deadpool 2 - OST

Tyler Bates

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LP (mondo)

Sony Classical release - following on from his work on one of the most successful franchises in recent memory (Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy) Tyler Bates returns with his Original Motion Picture Score to the Deadpool sequel. "Deadpool 2" stars Golden Globes nominee Ryan Reynolds as iconic antihero Wade Wilson, alongside Morena Baccarin (Homeland, V). Bates is well known for his film, television and video games scores and is also an in demand multi instrumentalist/writer and producer.

the Mondo edition LP artwork

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Deadpool 2 - OST Tyler Bates
  • 1.X-Men Arrive
  • 2.Fighting Dirty
  • 3.Hello Super Powers
  • 4.Escape
  • 5.Vanessa
  • 6.Weasel Interrogation
  • 7.Holy S*** Balls
  • 8.Mutant Convoy
  • 9.The Name Is Cable
  • 10.Sorry For Your Loss
  • 11.You Can't Stop This Mother F*****
  • 12.Ice Box
  • 13.Docking
  • 14.Make The Whole World Our B****
  • 15.Pity D***
  • 16.Knock Knock
  • 17.Let Me In
  • 18.Maximum Effort
  • 19.The Orphanage
  • 20.Cable Flashback
  • 21.Genuine High Grade Lead
  • 22.Courage Mother F*****

Cat no: 19075858921
Label: Sony / Mondo
Info correct on: 15/11/2018