Dead Man's Chest

Farseer / Triology

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This music excels because of its rich tapestry of textures. Eveson weaves in samples and drums like he's working on a dense, exotic embroidery. It's unabashedly retro, sure, but it's done with such an original—and thoroughly well-conceived—style that it works. Also accompanied by a triolgy of 10"s, hopefully the end of this trilogy doesn't mean the end of Dead Man's Chest because this is Eveson's best music yet.

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Dead Man's Chest Farseer / Triology
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  • 1.All About U
  • 2.Revenant
  • 3.Obeahman
  • 4.Foundation Days
  • 5.Fresh Nation
  • 6.Unnatural Mystic
  • 7.Warehouse
  • 8.Liquid 94
  • 9.Cutthroat Hardcore
  • 10.Tears (Fantazia Version)
  • 11.Rinsa
  • 12.Dreamscapes
  • 13.Westworld
  • Your Eyes
  • 15.Fade Away
  • 16.Farseer
  • 17.Nautilus
  • 18.The Future.

Item code: RECIPETAPE001
Label: Ingredients Records
Info correct on: 1/11/2017