You Won't Get What You Want

Double LP

The fourth full length band from the art-metallers, Daughters, their first album in over 8 years. An incredible set of songs that demonstrates their unique mix of intense and menacing sounds, well worth the long wait.

Daughters’ accessibility is directly proportional to their uncompromising compositional choices—hypnotic dissonance, martial drums cranked to incapacitating volumes, scathing vocal repetition, all rendered through impossibly vivid production. This is not music interesting in growing on you: it consumes and dominates.

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Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
  • 1.City Song
  • 2.Long Road, No Turns
  • 3.Satan In The Wait
  • 4.The Flammable Man
  • 5.The Lords Song
  • 6.Less Sex
  • 7.Daughter
  • 8.The Reason They Hate Me
  • 9.Ocean Song
  • 10.Guest House

Cat no: IPC205CD
Label: Ipecac Recordings
Info correct on: 3/1/2019