Daniel Avery

Love + Light

LP 180g milky clear

Most recently dispatched: 12 January

First pressing is on 'milky clear' vinyl.

The third full length album from acclaimed electro-artist Daniel Avery.

Love + Light arrives unexpectedly, following Avery’s recent collaborations with Alessandro Cortini on the critically acclaimed Illusion of Time LP (“a record that suggests Godspeed You! Black Emperor in drone mode, reimagining Music For

Airports as if the runways were covered in gravel and air traffic control was on strike,” said Loud & Quiet, while Q hailed it “lush mood music to get lost in”) and alongside Roman Flügel under the alias of Noun. Avery’s previous solo album Song For Alpha was released in 2018 to similar acclaim. Avery shares, “This record has been a real positive force of energy in my life, to the point where it almost formed itself in front of me. In that same spirit, I wanted to share it with you now, as soon as it was finished. As I started to collect the pieces together, it was apparent that the album would be split into two distinct halves but halves that were inexorably tied together. One could not have existed without the other. Music has always been a source of personal strength for me yet I remain fascinated by the power it can possess of its own volition. Releasing the record in this way, just a couple of weeks after the final note had fallen, felt like a decision made by an outside force yet one I agreed with entirely. Stay safe, friends and I’ll see you on the other side soon. DA xxx”

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Daniel Avery Love + Light
  • 1.London Island
  • 2.Dusting For Smoke
  • 3.Dream Distortion
  • 4.Katana
  • 5.Darlinnn
  • 6.Depth Wish
  • 7.Searing Light, Forward Motion
  • 8.Infinite Future
  • 9.After The Fire
  • 10.Into The Arms Of Stillness
  • 11.Fuzzwar
  • 12.Pure Life
  • 13.A Story in E5
  • 14.One More Morning

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Label: Phantasy Sound
Info correct on: 1/7/2020