Dan Campbell

Other People's Lives

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Banquet exclusive LP is on 'blue and green triple button' coloured vinyl, /500.

The debut solo album from the excellent Dan Campbell, you'll recognise his impassioned vocals and storytelling from his work in The Wonder Years and Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties.

Dan Campbell is a storyteller moonlighting as a songwriter and this is his first time releasing music under his own name. You might know him from his work in The Wonder Years or Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties. This is him by himself, mostly. Some friends helped. They were kind to do so and they added a lot of depth to the songs—strings and drums and keys. If Dan were writing this—and he totally isn’t—he’d want to say thank you to all of them for their contributions. 

This project started in the early days of quarantine. In a bid for purpose and structure, Dan began writing songs for and about people—learning about their lives, endlessly asking after details and telling their stories. 

The songs he’s written let you look through narrow openings into the quiet, milestone moments in the lives of strangers. The songs he’s written let you inhabit those spaces, briefly and silently. The songs he’s written let you inhale through someone else’s lungs and feel what weight that air adds to your body. Other People’s Lives is his debut record and it is available for you to listen to right now.

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Dan Campbell Other People's Lives
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  • 5.Ambassador Bridge
  • 6.Gull Lake (in a Peach-Plum Dawn)
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