Things That Hurt


The new full length album from Cultdreams, the first under this moniker since their name change from Kamikaze Girls. Turbulent dream-pop / shoegaze soaked indie-punk songs with Riot Grrl influences..

Sounding as fresh and exciting as ever, this personal record retains the bands punk and riot grrl roots but pulls in different elements of shoegaze and dream pop into their sound. The result is an ambitious, bold sounding statement that encompasses everything of how far Cultdreams have come, and where they want to go.

Cultdreams at The Fighting Cocks - photo by Jez Pennington

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Cultdreams Things That Hurt
  • 1.Born An Underdog, Still Living One
  • 2.Not My Generation
  • 3.Rest & Reflection
  • 4.Flowers On Their Graves
  • 5.Brain Daze
  • 6.We Never Rest
  • 7.Don't Let Them Tell You Otherwise
  • 8.Statement
  • 9.Repent, Regress
  • 10.Toxins

Item code: BSM257V
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Info correct on: 13/8/2019