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Banquet exclusive LP is on 'splatter - blue / pink / green' coloured vinyl. /300.

Indies exclusive LP is on 'galaxy blue / green' coloured vinyl.

The highly anticipated third full length album from the mighty mathy-rockers Covet. Fans of Caspian, TTNG, Explosions In The Sky and Into It. Over It should check this out.

Covet is fronted by Yvette Young who is revered by guitarists around the world for her mastery of the innovative two-handed tapping technique. Yvette says of the album - "I'd like to be honest - this album process was one of the most challenging ever, and none of the reasons for that was related to the actual music. There was a moment where it felt like it might not come out ever...but I think having patience and faith does pay off. I named this record "catharsis" because the word to me feels like a triumphant exodus. No matter the dire circumstances, music is one of those things that I’ve always needed to create to survive (in all senses of the word), and time and time again, I turn to guitar and songwriting as my outlet to uplift and feel like I have control over something in this chaotic universe. The overall theme of the album is escapism and fantasy, which also feels fitting because in a lot of ways, we use music and art to escape our anxiety, our pain, and our sometimes oppressive travel to universes that we so badly wished existed. Music is so powerful for this reason because it can be so transformative- it uplifts and empathizes with you without needing to say a single word. With this music, I wanted to tell a concise but dense story that goes many places- not necessarily all joyful. I have been working on it down to the last minute, and in less than 30 minutes, I'd like to take you to all the magical places I’ve been and show you all the highs and lows that I've had the privilege of experiencing during the last 2 years of creating this body of work."

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Info correct on: 22/2/2023

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