Book of Bad Decisions

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The twelfth full length album from the American rock legends Clutch, following on from 2015's Psychic Warfare. A rip roaring album of vintage, distorted and energetic rock.

“With Vance Powell as producer we were able to make a very different kind of an album. The songs feel as if they could jump out of the speakers!” says drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. Bassist Dan Maines seconds that when he says “Recording in Nashville with Vance Powell gave us a new and fresh approach towards making an album that truly captures the live energy of Clutch in a way I don’t think we’ve done before.” Guitarist Tim Sult adds “Laying down guitar tracks with Vance was fun and inspiring. Going through and trying out his and his engineer, Mike Fahey’s collection of vintage amps was one of my favorite recording studio experiences. I think the outro solo of “Emily Dickinson” turned out particularly great.”

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Clutch Book of Bad Decisions
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  • 5.In Walks Barbarella
  • 6.Vision Quest
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Label: Weathermakers
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