Cliff Martinez

Too Old To Die Young

2 CD
Double LP
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Too Old To Die Young is a 10-episode original series written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon). Boasting a cast that includes Miles Teller, William Baldwin, Jena Malone, and John Hawkes, the story follows a Los Angeles police officer (Teller) who, along with the man who shot his colleague, enters a criminal underworld populated with a myriad of wrongdoers, including hit men, Yakuza syndicates, cartel assassins, the Russian mafia, and homicidal teenage gangs. Cliff Martinez’s partnership with Nicolas Winding Refn has resulted in some incredible work in soundtracking for movies such Drive, Only God Forgives and The Neon Demon. The pair are teaming up again for this project. Buzzing tones, freaky strings and sawtooth synths will whisk away any feeling of safety.

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Cliff Martinez Too Old To Die Young
  • 1.Naked Guy Murder
  • 2.Starlight Cantina
  • 3.No Smoking Allowed Here
  • 4.Larry Was A Family Man
  • 5.Why Does Damian Have A Problem With You
  • 6.Kill Me Fast And Clean
  • 7.I Hereby Give You Yaritza
  • 8.Mothers Favorite Skit
  • 9.Get Some Ice Cream
  • 10.Jesus And The Snake
  • 11.High Priestess Of Death
  • 12.I'm Hunting
  • 13.I Got Tim
  • 14.Viggo And Diana
  • 15.Some Complications
  • 16.Walking To The Girl In The Ground
  • 17.I Can't Dig Her Out
  • 18.I'm Not Going To Hurt You
  • 19.Death By Golf Club
  • 20.Summassault (performed by Julian Winding)
  • 21.La Alta Sacerdota De La Muerto (performed by Carolina Hoyos)
  • 21.Oh La La (performed by Goldfrapp)
  • 22.F.F.A (performed by The Leather Nun)
  • 23.I Put The Blue In Her Eyes (performed by Frankie Miller)
  • 24.Elvis And Marilyn (performed by Jimmy Angel and the Jason Gutierrez 3)
  • 25.La Alta Sacerdota De La Muerto (performed by Carolina Hoyos)

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