Clap! Clap!

Tayi Bebba

Double LP

Blue/Orange vinyl re-press.

The album comes with full island map and in depth story behind each track.

Debut LP from Clap! Clap! (Jazz player Cristiano Crisci, also known in electronic circles as Digi G'Alessio) on Black Acre.

Tayi Bebba is a conceptual work that manages to balance a highly cerebral concept with making some good old-fashioned bangers. Tayi Bebba is an album tour of an imagined island; each song representing a location, event or ritual. Sonically, it’s a fast moving charge across the soundscape, fusing field recordings and found sound with incredibly surgical drum programming. Flavours of house, Footwork and Hip Hop punctuate your migration with a very specific sound palate, giving this amazing work a cohesive feel.

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Clap! Clap! Tayi Bebba
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  • 1.The Holy Cave
  • 2.Ashiko
  • 3.The Rainstick Fable
  • 4.Kwasi The Sorcerer
  • 5.Black Smokes, Bad Signs
  • 6.Conqueror (action / assault / conquest)
  • 7.Conqueror (consequences / memories)
  • 8.Conqueror (remorse / withdrawn)
  • 9.Burbuka
  • 10.Sahkii (Xirhuu)
  • 11.Sahkii's Elevation feat. DJ Khalab
  • 12.Kwasi's Storm (kyanumj) (tape dub)
  • 13.Universal Modulator (kujhmak)
  • 14.Sahkii's Knowledge
  • 15.Universal Modulator (ujmubuam)
  • 16.Sailing In The Seas of Wood
  • 17.Kuj Yato

Cat no: ACRELP006
Label: Black Acre
Info correct on: 29/11/2016