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The new full length record from Christian Lee Hutson, with collaboration and production form the likes of Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst and more.

Hutson’s musical style finds a perfect complement in Bridgers’ subtle production. She carefully seasons Hutson’s acoustic finger-picking with other instrumental layers—a tart keyboard line on “Twin Soul,” a crisp cymbal on “Lose This Number,” and buttery strings throughout—to bring out the flavor of his playing, but never overwhelm its delicacy. Another collaborator, Nathaniel Walcott of Bright Eyes, is responsible for the marvel of Beginners’ string arrangements. This record was made with friends in the room, and those friends were invariably extraordinarily talented. The starry group of back-up singers from “Get the Old Band Back Together” make a welcome return on the final number, “Single for the Summer.” There, they all repeat a single line—“It’s gonna happen any day now”—with an air of rebellious optimism and so much conviction you can’t help but believe them. We may not be guarded by angels, but human beings can make for a pretty fine choir in a pinch.

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Christian Lee Hutson Beginners
  • 1.Atheist [3:00]
  • 2.Talk [2:57]
  • 3.Lose This Number [3:56]
  • 4.Unforgivable [3:34]
  • 5.Northsiders [3:43]
  • 6.Twin Soul [3:52]
  • 7.Seven Lakes [4:03]
  • 8.Get the Old Band Back Together [3:08]
  • 9.Keep You Down [4:22]
  • 10.Single for the Summer [3:57]

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