Risque (Half Speed Masters)


Half Speed Remastering. 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Chic was very much in its prime when it recorded its third album, Risqué, which contained hits that ranged from My Feet Keep Dancing and My Forbidden Lover to the influential Good Times. That feel-good manifesto is one of the first songs that comes to mind when one thinks of the disco era. The fact that Good Times became the foundation for both the Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight and Queen's Another One Bites the Dust tells you a lot - it underscores the fact that Chic was influencing everyone from early rappers to art rockers. A group that many rock critics were so quick to dismiss was having an impact in many different areas. From hip-hoppers to new wavers in London and Manchester, Risqué was considered primary listening. And Risqué is impressive not only because of its up-tempo cuts, but also because of slow material that includes the lush A Warm Summer Night and the dramatic ballad Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song). Risqué is definitely among Chic's essential albums.

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Chic Risque (Half Speed Masters)
  • 1.Good Times
  • 2.A Warm Summer Night
  • 3.My Feet Keep Dancing
  • 4.My Forbidden Lover
  • 5.Can't Stand To Love You
  • 6.Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)
  • 7.What About Me?

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Info correct on: 30/5/2019