1 1975LP3.png The 1975 A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships We've now run out of fully-signed CDs, but we have a few albums which are signed but smudged, or partially signed. The choices that remain are: 1) smudged, but signed by all 4 members of the band 2) signed by Matty (which is not smudged) but not signed by all 4 members. "The word 'eclectic' is bandied around a lot, but this album really is a mix of styles, all of them undoubtedly The 1975. A social commentary on life in 2018, poetry, love and anger, infectious songs, the extra mile with the art, two great Kingston shows, an incredibly dedicated fanbase and the band, label and management doing everything they can to accommodate. Even having been surrounded by it for weeks, I still put it on at home. Our biggest selling album of all time." - jt The huge third full length from the iconic The 1975. It's an eclectic mix of indie-rock, pop, social commentary, and electronica, and they're being named the band of a generation. Clever and profound, funny and light, serious and heartbreaking, painfully modern and classic-sounding all at the same time, ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ is a game-changing album, one that challenges The 1975’s peers – if, indeed, there are any – to raise their game. The 1975 take on that overwhelming anxiety with nerve and aplomb, and the result combines the fist-raising inspired by anthems with the gut-punch provided by precisely described longing. This is the band of the Decade Dirty Hit / Polydor CD | LP
5 NSR127.png Moose Blood I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time In years to come they'll write books about Moose Blood. This is the album which is to spearhead a new kind of British emo-rock. After some real good EPs, we'd been waiting for this coming of age album. You should know all about them by now, but if not, listen below, and fall in love. “I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time is everything that we've been working towards since the start of the band in 2012,” says drummer Glenn Harvey. “I think there is a much more personal and honest feel to this record than on anything else we've done up to this point. Seeing these songs turn from ideas at our practice space to a finished 11 track album has been an incredible experience. We're all really proud of this record and we can't wait for everybody to finally hear it.” Moose Blood aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Produced by Saosin guitarist Beau Burchell, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time is replete with heartfelt, yearning lyrics about life and love that exude vulnerability with a comforting warmth. The record moves through waves of emotion from the pensive opening balad “Cherry” to the follow-up upbeat tempo of “Anyway,” sailing through the mounting crescendos of “I Hope You’re Missing Me” to the memorable, driving rhythm of “Swim Down.” With each chorus and riff, I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time draws listeners in with its unrelenting honesty and intense passion. 2014 will undoubtedly be the year Moose Blood makes their everlasting mark on the alternative rock scene. First Pressing 20 Test Pressing (Black) 125 Coffee w/ Creamer (2014 No Sleep Subscription) 300 Cloudy Clear / Powder Blue Haze (Banquet Records exclusive) 500 Opaque Orange 500 Transparent Gold / Transparent Orange Haze (Hot Topic exclusive) 700 Color In Color (Transparent Light Blue / Opaque Black) Second Pressing 500 Tri-Color Swirl (Orange / Blue / White) Third Pressing 500 Maroon A side / White B side Fourth Pressing 300 Opaque Purple w/ heavy Yellow Splatter (Banquet Records exclusive) 700 Opaque Pink Fifth Pressing 1500 Clear w/ Grey Haze No Sleep Records CD | LP
7 YB231019.png YUNGBLUD Wednesday 23rd October at Pryzm, 8:30pm TIME CHANGE. This show was originally with 7:00pm doors and 8:00pm stage time, but is now at 8:30 doors with stage time as soon as everyone is in. Curfew is now 10:00pm. It remains 14+ An additional show has been announced - details here Just after the release of his new EP, YUNGBLUD visits Kingston to play at Pryzm on the Intimate As Fuck tour. YUNGBLUD has been rapidly making a name for himself, the critically acclaimed artist's new release is titled The Underrated Youth EP, offering another dose of his huge and high-octane fuelled punk-rock-hip-hop styled tunes. We've heard plenty of times just how special and energetic his live shows are and we can't wait for this. “I wanted this project to amplify a world that is consumed with unjustified hate. A world, where the common denominator of my generation is the fight for hope, unity and the deep desire for equality. Our ideologies are colliding head on with the hate around us, but we are beating it with a bouquet of fucking flowers! I wrote this project about the people I’ve met around the world, the stories I’ve heard and the journeys, that went on inside my own head. The video was shot in Bulgaria with the most incredible young people. They helped me tell this story. They made this video what it is. Thank you.” Pryzm is all ages for this show - under 14s must be accompanied by a ticket-holding adult (18+). Over 18s should bring PHOTO ID (driving license / passport). CD/ticket is £14 post-paid, and other formats and combos will be available. Any "posted" tickets from this point (23 Oct) will be for collection at the venue. Please bring your order number with you. Pryzm, 154 Clarence Street, Kingston Upon Thames (KT1 1QP) PLEASE NOTE: If you choose Collect In-store as your delivery option your full order will need to be collected from our shop rather than from the venue.   CD Past Event