Cavern Of Anti-Matter

Blood Drums

Triple LP


Triple LP in a wide-spined sleeve with a download code

Reissue of their much sought-after first album, originally issued as a vinyl-only edition of 500 copies on Berlin label Grautag Records. Finally getting the wider release it deserves courtesy of the band’s own Duophonic imprint.

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Blood Drums

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Cavern Of Anti-Matter Blood Drums
  • 1.You're an art soul
  • 2.Solar diamond
  • 3.Invocation melodie in C
  • 4.Hot electric insect
  • 5.Irradiated dream mouth
  • 6.Silver dust
  • 7.Sound-magic's death ray destroys the vortex and has union with infinity
  • 8.Rotation and particle density in D
  • 9.Blood-drums machine
  • 10.Adventures in one octave
  • 11.Movin' on static
  • 12.Dystopian shopping mall
  • 13.Strawberry dust
  • 14.Acid death picnic
  • 15.Kool boy narcosis
  • 16.Lament for cement

Cat no: DUHFLP35
Label: Duophonic
Info correct on: 8/7/2019