The Perfect Ending


Finding humour in the seemingly inescapable collapse of the human race: it might not be the most conventional approach to a record, but Cassels have already proved themselves to be anything but traditionalists. Developing a sound characterised by a maelstrom of erratic instrumentation and pointed, punk-inflected vocals, Cassels operate outside of strict genre distinctions. Sardonic and not wholly pessimistic, their second full-length LP ‘The Perfect Ending’ is stark, angry and occasionally funny, its take on divisiveness and dislocation written in the only way the Beck brothers can.

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Cassels The Perfect Ending
  • 1.A Snowflake in Winter
  • 2.All the St John's Wort in the World
  • 3.Mink Skin Coat
  • 4.Melting Butter
  • 5.In the Zoo They Feed Him Nuts
  • 6.The Perfect Ending
  • 7.The Leaking Ark
  • 8.The Queue at the Chemists
  • 9.The Woman in the Moon

Cat no: BSM259V
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Info correct on: 21/8/2019