The Four Trees

Double LP

Hold tight for details on the LP colour.

Vinyl reissue of the excellent full length album from the instrumental-rock titans Caspian. Originally released in 2007. Huge songs with giant crescendos, deep textures and dream-like soundscapes. Fans of This Will Destroy You, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Pianos Become The Teeth and Foxing should check this out.

Following in their own tradition of a staggering 1-2-3 punch, “The Four Trees” erupts with “Moksha,” “Some are White Light,” and “Sea Lawn,” all three being live staples to this day and “Moksha” routinely cracking the top 5 out of all of the band’s output across their entire discography at Spotify. What follows is eight more songs (including audience favorites “ASA,” The Dove,” and “Our Breath in Winter”) meticulously arranged and placed perfectly within the program to create a true, dynamic journey across the sonisphere. If there’s one thing Caspian accomplishes every time out, it’s to paint pictures or a visual narrative in the mind’s eye as each album unfolds. The dynamics purposefully serve the whole. The refrains create actual shifts in narrative tone. The climaxes and bombast are all toward logical conclusions within a larger story.

“The Four Trees” established the long-standing tradition of entirely great albums from start to finish for Caspian and still stands as a beacon for music fans that want bands’ records to actually “go somewhere.” 

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Caspian The Four Trees
  • 1.Moksha [9:07]
  • 2.Some Are White Light [5:26]
  • 3.Sea Lawn [5:23]
  • 4.Crawlspace [7:37]
  • 5.Book IX [5:43]
  • 6.The Dropsonde [2:05]
  • 7.Brombie [5:58]
  • 8.Our Breath in Winter [3:23]
  • 9.The Dove [3:04]
  • 10.ASA [7:16]
  • 11....Reprise [5:14]

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