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A long-awaited vinyl reissue of the second full length album from the instrumental-rock titans Caspian, originally released in 2009 and features the adored, and one of the fan-favourites 'Sycamore'. Huge songs with giant crescendos, deep textures and dream-like soundscapes. Fans of This Will Destroy You, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Pianos Become The Teeth and Foxing should check this out.

Following up a much-heralded debut full length often presents itself as a much taller order than most bands can ever possibly anticipate. In the case of “Tertia,” however, Caspian charges headlong into what has become a perennial tradition of crafting albums as entire wholes… all utterly devoid of filler or inconsistencies. In an era where the skip function is always a threat and used more than any prior generation, the band deftly crafts compositions that work in unison. To skip any given track on “Tertia” would be akin to ripping out an entire chapter of a great novel before reading it or skipping the first scene in the third act of a great movie.

“Tertia” also finds the band, without words, somehow working in moments, if not entire songs, evocative of the geography, climates, and romanticism of their native New England. The song titles are but hints, as Caspian’s ultimate distinction above the vast majority of bands is to successfully partner with each individual listener toward the creation of something entirely unique behind the personal lens of said individual… a bespoke narrative limited only by one’s imagination. 

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Caspian Tertia
  • 1.Mie [4:09]
  • 2.La Cerva [4:59]
  • 3.Ghosts of the Garden City [7:31]
  • 4.Malacoda [5:03]
  • 5.Epochs in DMaj [3:19]
  • 6.Of Foam and Wave [6:16]
  • 7.Concrescence [4:26]
  • 8.The Raven [7:10]
  • 9.Vienna [6:14]
  • 10.Sycamore [9:05]

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