Casa Loma

This Is Coping

12" beer/brown

12" is on 'half beer / half brown' coloured vinyl.

The new EP from Casa Loma, a solo project from Nik Bruzzese of Man Overboard. Focusing on a more mellow and emotional-rock driven sound to his previous work, but highly cathartic. Fans of Elder Brother, Transit, John Floreani and Pentimento should check this out.

“I started writing this EP as a therapy session for myself. I went through one of the hardest years of my life last year because I lost two people very near to me. But when you’re a dad and have two daughters like I do, you’re not allowed to be sad. You have to be excited and happy about everything, even though inside you might be ripping to shreds. I think that’s the way most people work; they have to put up this front like everything’s fine even though they actually think the world is falling down around them. So writing this album was a way for me to vent and get out those feelings without tearing somebody’s head off or being a perpetual bummer to my family and friends. It’s for everyone who has to be this one person during the day and then someone different when they’re on their own.”

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Item code: PNE279
Label: Pure Noise Records
Info correct on: 21/7/2020