Sometimes Depressed... But Always Anti-Fascist

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Expected 5th November 2021

If you ask the Icelandic duo BSI, what they feel BSI has been about so far - the answer will be: 'Sometimes depressed ... but always antifascist'. Directing sorrow and the raw energy of joy and anger to two distinctly different sides, they created an album that might as well be a twin EP, five songs low key heartbreak melancholy, five songs riot grrrl lofi-cute -punk.

BSI's debut album touches equally upon the endless fall, vulnerability and intimacy of loss and leaving - while on the other side celebrating sunny summer days, salty knees and the idea of a feminist world r evolution.

BSI (Brussels Sprouts International) usually has more questions than answers, is sometimes sad,  sometimes happy, has been through heartbreaks and great love,  likes trúnó and tahini sauce with dill, spends its little savings on  going to psychotherapists and would like to join you in your fight  of smashing kyriarchy, that is: smashing sexism, racism, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and all other social systems  based on oppressive, hierarchic and patriarchal structures.

BSI Sometimes Depressed... But Always Anti-Fascist
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  • 1.My Lovely
  • 2.Tal11
  • 3.Old Moon
  • 4.Uncouple
  • 5.Lue
  • 6.Vestubaejar Beach
  • 7.Feela Pad
  • 8.My Knee Against Kyriarchy
  • 9.Donakallalagid
  • 10.Alltaf Alltaf Stundum Alltaf

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Info correct on: 14/10/2021