LP glow in the dark

Most recently dispatched: 1 April

LP is on 'glow in the dark' coloured vinyl.

The debut album from alternative and extremely energetic punk band, Brutus. There's a wide range of influences here, with blast-beat drums behind melodic vocals, post-rock toned guitars sped up to the levels of punk riffs, all creating a frantic yet emotive record.

"Brutus was never about our shared influences, but instead three different personalities coming together and forming new friendships," says Peter of their inception. "But being in Brutus is not easy," Stefanie is quick to add. "Our tastes are often in conflict, but somehow it all comes together when the three of us are writing songs or step onto a stage. I love Slayer, Stijn loves Bruce Springsteen and Peter loves The Weekend, but we quickly realised that the fact is: I hate Bruce Springsteen and The Weeknd, Peter has never checked Slayer and Stijn loves everything. So let's make a record together!"

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