Bring Me The Horizon

2004 - 2013

Double LP black
Double LP dark red, limited copies

Dark red LP is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
Both LPs include a download code.

A selection of Bring Me The Horizon's core tracks that led up to where they are now with their latest release That's The Spirit. This set demonstrates the band's evolution from their thrashy, deathcore influenced roots into the stadium-sized band they are today, introducing electronics, more melody and orchestral elements.

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Bring Me The Horizon 2004 - 2013
  • 1.Traitors Never Play Hang-man.
  • 2.Pray for Plagues
  • 3.Diamonds Aren't Forever
  • 4.The Sadness will never end
  • 5.Chelsea Smile
  • 6.The Comedown
  • 7.Blessed with a Curse
  • 8.It Never ends
  • 9.Don't Go
  • 10.Crucify Me
  • 11.Shadow Moses
  • 12.Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake
  • 13.Can you Feel my Heart
  • 14.Sleepwalking
  • 15.Anti-vist

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Label: BMG
Info correct on: 29/4/2020