Boy Azooga

1, 2, Kung Fu!


The new album from noisy, funk influenced indie rock band Boy Azooga.

It's a scary world out there these days, sometimes you don't want to go outside. Sometimes you get the Loner Boogie. Follow us into the Cardiff Transport Club for some fish-eye Kung Fu and a Guiness with the legendary Kliph Scurlock. Not sure he's that into it to be honest though.

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Boy Azooga 1, 2, Kung Fu!
  • 1.Breakfast Epiphany
  • 2.Loner Boogie
  • 3.Face Behind Her Cigarette
  • 4.Walking Thompson's Park
  • 5.Jerry
  • 6.Breakfast Epiphany II
  • 7.Taxi To Your Head
  • 8.Losers In The Tomb
  • 9.Hangover Square
  • 10.Waitin'
  • 11.Sitting On The First Rock From The Sun

Item code: HVNLP146CD
Label: Heavenly
Info correct on: 19/2/2018