Boca 45

Forty Five

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The 7” is arguably one of the 20th century’s greatest art forms. What should have been a disposable format, either as the herald for the altogether more serious LP or the truncated version of the extended 12”, ended up a the perfect expression of modern music - tightened up, fat free and to the point. At some point during a DJ career that’s lasted pretty much the entirety of his adult life, Boca 45 (aka Bristolian Scott Hendy) eschewed all other formats to choose the 7” as his weapon of choice. Embracing and celebrating the limitations of the format (both in terms of record length and the type of music showcased on discs of that size), Hendy set out on a truly singular path for soundtracking parties the world over. In 2015 Banksy personally requested him to DJ with his 45s at the opening night at his Dismal Land Show, now, in his forty fifth year on Planet Earth, he’s made an album that reflects a life well spent flipping through the racks the world over.

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Boca 45 Forty Five
  • 1.Forty Five
  • 2.Energy Boost ft Emskee
  • 3.Soul On Top ft Louis Baker
  • 4.Bryan Munich Theme
  • 5.Open Minds
  • 6.White Blue & Red ft Sergio Pizzorno
  • 7.The Roxy ft Emskee
  • 8.Move A Mountain ft Louis Baker
  • 9.Home Cooking ft DJ Woody
  • 10.BMT Reprise
  • 11.Lonely ft Gee, G. Ealey
  • 12.ALTZ ft Parker

Cat no: MSAP0074LP
Label: Mass Appeal
Info correct on: 4/7/2019