Black Sabbath

Paranoid (50th Anniversary Edition)

4 CD
5 LP Boxset

Please note: the tracklisting is detailing the 5 LP Boxset edition.

50th Anniversary Edition of Paranoid, the multi-million selling second album from the legendary Black Sabbath.

Super Deluxe 5LP Box Set includes live recordings and quad stereo mix unreleased on vinyl

Super Deluxe 4CD Box Set includes above audio plus 60-page hardback book, a band poster and a replica 1971 Paranoid tour program.

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Black Sabbath Paranoid (50th Anniversary Edition)
  • 1.War Pigs / Luke's Wall
  • 2.Paranoid
  • 3.Planet Caravan
  • 4.Iron Man
  • 5.Electric Funeral
  • 6.Hand of Doom
  • 7.Rat Salad
  • 8.Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots
  • 9.War Pigs / Luke's Wall
  • 10.Paranoid
  • 11.Planet Caravan
  • 12.Iron Man
  • 13.Electric Funeral
  • 14.Hand of Doom
  • 15.Rat Salad
  • 16.Jack the Stripper / Fairies Wear Boot
  • 17.Intro (Live In Montreux)
  • 18.Paranoid (Live In Montreux)
  • 19.N.I.B. (Live In Montreux)
  • 20.Behind the Wall of Sleep (Live In Montreux)
  • 21.Iron Man (Live In Montreux)
  • 22.War Pigs (Live In Montreux)
  • 23.Fairies Wear Boots (Live In Montreux)
  • 24.Hand of Doom (Live In Montreux)
  • 25.Paranoid (Live In Brussels)
  • 26.Hand of Doom (Live In Brussels)
  • 27.Rat Salad (Live In Brussels)
  • 28.Iron Man (Live In Brussels)
  • 29.Black Sabbath (Live In Brussels)
  • 30.N.I.B. (Live In Brussels)
  • 31.Behind the Wall of Sleep (Live In Brussels)
  • 32.War Pigs (Live In Brussels)
  • 33.Fairies Wear Boots (Live In Brussels)

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