Black Futures

Never Not Nothing

LP - Signed Copy
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The hugely anticipated debut full length album from the awesome Black Futures.

A collection of apocalyptic anthems emanating from a source of caustic melody and infectious distortion,Never Not Nothingis a further insight to their vision of a crumbling world, inhabited by a cast of random reprobates and shot through with a sardonic British humour: a devastating gathering of monumental, maximalist and magnificent music, laser-honed to conquer what’s left of the world.

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Black Futures Never Not Nothing
  • 1.N.N.N
  • 2.Love (feat. P.O.S)
  • 3.Karma Ya Dig!?
  • 4.Me.TV (feat. Bobby Gillespie)
  • 5.Body & Soul
  • 6.Youthman
  • 7.Riches
  • 8.Tunnel Vision
  • 9.Gutters
  • 10.Trance
  • 11.Power Drunk

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