Bjork / Fever Ray / The Knife

Country Creatures


The Knife and Fever Ray bring their signature styles to Björk’s ‘Features Creatures’ in two intense remixes released today.  Fever Ray’s moody and ethereal rework contrasts against The Knife’s vigorous and pulsating take as each remix offers a unique perspective on Bjork’s original track.

As part of a creative exchange, Björk has also remixed a track by Fever Ray. The collective Country Creatures EP will be pressed as a limited edition vinyl.

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Bjork / Fever Ray / The Knife Country Creatures
  • 1.This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck (Bjork Remix)
  • 2.Features Creatures (Fever Ray Remix)
  • 3.Features Creatures (The Knife Remix)

Cat no: 1494TP12
Label: Caroline
Info correct on: 30/9/2019