Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense

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13 new tracks from the excellent melodic-punkers Belvedere, released through Lockjaw Records.

The album features a furious mix of old and new. The new direction in songwriting is attributed to new members Dan Wollach on guitar and Ryan Mumby on bass. The all-familiar speed, the riffs, the insightful lyrics, and singalong harmonies are all still there thanks to the drummer, Casey Lewis and lead singer & founder, Steve Rawles. 

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Belvedere Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense
  • 1.Happily Never After
  • 2.Elephant March
  • 3.The Ides
  • 4.Camera Obscura
  • 5.Retina
  • 6.Chromatic
  • 7.Good Grief Retreat
  • 8.Comrade (feat. Roger Lima)
  • 9.Fast 2 Furious
  • 10.Memento Mori (feat. Dylan Toews)
  • 11.Automate (feat. Rody Walker)
  • 12.Heartbreaker
  • 13.Peace In Our Time

Item code: LJCD200
Label: Lockjaw Records
Info correct on: 25/1/2023