Bellevue Days

It Can't Possibly Go Wrong Ever

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The debut full length album from the Croydon based alt-rockers Bellevue Days. If you're into the likes of Lower Than Atlantic, Biffy Clyro or Deaf Havana, then check these guys out.

“It seems like the whole world is kinda falling apart in every direction you look, doesn’t it?” vocalist Alan Smith comments. “For me personally, I took a long look at the world around me and I just kinda realised how f*cked up it’s become. I usually try to steer away from politics in music; I ain’t no Bob Dylan (just yet). I find it hard not to put my personal experiences and feelings into songs—from depression, to family issues, to deaths - as that’s usually the only thing I can really go off, but on this record there are a few more stories which I imagine from other people’s points of view, which was an interesting and refreshing perspective.”

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Bellevue Days It Can't Possibly Go Wrong Ever
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