Promise Everything (album)

Baby/royal blue LP Back In Soon!

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all versions of the album are in now.

  • Banquet exclusive baby pink A side / hot pink B side with white splatter LP from the first pressing, limited to 1000 copies.
  • LP includes a heavy-duty reverse board 350GSM jacket and 24x24 poster on uncoated paper.

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We're so pleased Basement didn't stay on hiatus for long. After last year's Further Sky EP left us wanting more, there's now a new full-length! These guys play brilliant 90's emo/post-hardcore punk we love. Special.

Where before on the band’s previous album Colourmeinkindness, songs like “Spoiled” focused more on aggression and lyrical content, Promise Everything takes a more melodic approach. On Promise Everything standout track “Aquasun,” lyrical flow and melody overtake the listener while overt meaning gives way to musicality and its nuance. Tracks like “Submission” or the chorus in “Lose Your Grip” follow suit, challenging the listener to explore the songs aurally as a whole, rather than piece by piece. As a result, Promise Everything feels more complete than previous efforts and the songs feel like they are truly part of the same group. Despite years spent apart, it would seem Basement’s musical conversation has always lingered - and as their first true cohesive document, Promise Everything is only the beginning

LP 1st Press 
1000 Solid Orange A-Side / Transparent Orange B-Side (Band Exclusive)
1000 Baby Pink A-Side / Hot Pink B-Side with White Splatter (Banquet Exclusive)
1300 Doublemint A-Side / Bone B-Side (Hot Topic Exclusive)
1500 Yellow in Halloween Orange Color-In-Color
2200 Half Baby Blue / Half Royal Blue

the @basementuk albums have turned up ahead of Friday's release !!!!!!

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Label: Run For Cover
Info correct on: 11/12/2020