Barb Wire Dolls

Rub My Mind

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The third studio album from punk-rockers Barb Wire Dolls, the band play a dynamic and blasting mix of punk, grunge and metal.

"Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I've seen in decades! They are gonna change the face of music and save rock and roll as we know it!" - Mickey Leigh/brother of Joey Ramone When Motörhead’s legendary frontman ?Lemmy saw Barb Wire Dolls live at Whisky A Go-Go back in 2015, he immediately took them under his wing and signed them personally.

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Barb Wire Dolls Rub My Mind
  • 1.Back In The U.S.S.A.  
  • 2.If I Fall   
  • 3.Desert Song  
  • 4.Hole Of Isolation   
  • 5.Gold
  • 6.Call Me  
  • 7.We Are Champions   
  • 8.Edge Of Innocence   
  • 9.Fade Away
  • 10.Contract
  • 11.Where Mountains Drink The Wine  
  • 12.Fire To Burn  
  • 13.Waiting To Be Lost [CD only]

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Label: Motorhead Music
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