Average Sex

Wednesday 8th August at Banquet Records

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Just after the release of their new EP, Average Sex play in the shop for the first time.

The new EP from London's indie-poppers, titled 'Melodie EP', follows on from 2017's Ugly Strangers. The EP was produced by Tim Burgess and James Spencer, and released through O Genesis Recordings. Infectious and irresistable indie-garage-pop.

With Average Sex it's love at first sight and love at first listen - just depends whether you see them live or hear one of their records first. If you like girls, boys, guitars, melodies and something to dance to then Laetitia, Sam, Louise, Finn and Jamie might well be your new BFFs. Finding love, falling out of love, slashing tyres, eating ice cream - all the major subjects are covered in classic three-minute pop gems that you will still be humming days later. Their songs are gorgeous and their gigs are hectic.

In-store Grade C, come on down.

Priority will be given to anyone who orders a copy of Melodie EP from us.

Average Sex at New Slang

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Average Sex Wednesday 8th August at Banquet Records
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