As It Is

The Great Depression: Reimagined

Double LP neon yellow

The reimagined edition of the 2018 album from the Kingston visitors As It Is, taking songs from The Great Depression and re-working them into stripped back or electronic fused or heavier versions of the originals.

in typical as it is fashion, this is not just an acoustic album... this is an elaborate and eclectic reinterpretation of our most ambitious and important record to date, produced by Patty Walters. the artwork for each EP will represent a respective quarter of a larger piece of art, complete when all four have been pieced together... we believe that reimagined songs can breathe new life and meaning into the lyrics, opening the door to find further truths within music. we hope that you enjoy this new, exciting, and immersive extension of the great depression."

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As It Is The Great Depression: Reimagined
  • 1.The Great Depression [Reimagined]
  • 2.The Wounded World [Reimagined]
  • 3.The Fire, The Dark [Reimagined]
  • 4.The Stigma (Boys Don't Cry) [Reimagined]
  • 5.The Handwritten Letter [Reimagined]
  • 6.The Question, The Answer [Reimagined]
  • 7.The Reaper (ft. Aaron Gillespie) [Reimagined]
  • 8.The Two Tongues (Screaming Salvation) [Reimagined]
  • 9.The Truth I'll Never Tell [Reimagined]
  • 10.The Haunting [Reimagined]
  • 11.The Hurt, The Hope [Reimagined]
  • 12.The End [Reimagined]

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Info correct on: 3/1/2020