Art Brut

Friday 10th April at Livestream, 8:00pm

15 years on from its original release, Eddie Argos from Art Brut  plays and discusses tracks from the classic Bang, Bang, Rock & Roll via the Banquet Records facebook page.

Art Brut return with a reissue of their seminal debut album Bang, Bang, Rock & Roll on vinyl on Alcopop! Records X Fierce Panda – almost 15 years to the day since it dropped back in 2005. All the tracks are remastered and it sounds even better than before.

A genuinely seminal record, Pitchfork included the record in their list of top 200 albums of the 2000s. – and the big ‘hits’ like Modern Art, Formed a Band and Emily Kane have been staples for the awkward indie disco dancers to groove to ever since.

8:00pm start.

Art Brut at New Slang

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Art Brut Friday 10th April at Livestream, 8:00pm
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