Sky Blue Love Vol 1


The AMJ meets RSD collaboration delivers Sky Blue Love, a modern reggae album with a unique sound featuring musicians from Cuba, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Colombia. Invited to delve into the AMJ Treasure Trove, Rob Smith draws on his palette of warm and bass heavy sounds and effects to expand the imagination large. Enter a world of sonic delight... Three of the original pioneers from the 80s Bristol reggae scene meet the godfather of Dubstep. An audience of all ages that crosses over between traditional dub reggae fans, ambient enthusiasts and dubstep devotees.

AMJ Meets RSD Sky Blue Love Vol 1
  • 1.Sky Blue Love
  • 2.Blue Mountain Dub
  • 3.The Brave Dub
  • 4.Serious Signs
  • 5.Drop Leaf Dub
  • 6.Sign Mello Dub
  • 7.Depth Drop
  • 8.Kanabori

Cat no: aarcda032
Label: Astar Artes Recordings
Info correct on: 11/12/2016