Said & Done

Double LP

13 tracks featuring the likes of DRS, Serum, Riya, Cleveland Watikiss, Lorna King, L-Side, MC Fats, T.R.A.C and Sofi Mari.and many more.

Colourful, effervescent, and energetic, the Brazilian drum & bass scene has given us some of the most distinctive production voices in the game. Including Sao Paulo's Level 2 and DJ Chap or, as they're known collectively, Alibi.

“In each of the songs, we expressed our feelings and each song carries a unique message. The album itself talks about life. We all go through times where we fall and get hurt. Then we get up and we recycle. In every single situation: we learn.”  -  Alibi

Alibi Said & Done
  • 1.Debris
  • 2.Pull Up feat. Takura
  • 3.Hold Me Close
  • 4.Make It Real feat. Riya
  • 5.No Lights feat. MC Fats & T.R.A.C.
  • 6.Destiny
  • 7.Scuffed
  • 8.Said & Done feat. DRS
  • 9.Smash Through The City feat. Serum, L-Side & T.R.A.C.
  • 10.Musihertz feat. Sofi Mari
  • 11.Recycle
  • 12.Grace feat. Cleveland Watkiss
  • 13.You feat. Lorna King

Cat no: PLV110LP
Label: V Recordings
Info correct on: 6/11/2018