Alexander Carson



Alexander Carson is a neoclassical, downtempo, composer and songwriter based in London UK. Carson spent the better part of 7 years as the lead singer, and songwriter for genre-fluid quintet Wooden Arms.

“Forgotten” is the answer to a question nobody asked: What if Harry Nillson’s one chord masterpiece “Coconut” was written for gloom-core post-rock kids? The track layers a simple F# pentatonic scale upon itself until it finally bends and allows the chord to change culminating in a 1 take, semi-improvised, collaboration with long suffering Wooden Arms member Alex Mackenzie.

Recorded in one hour in a 4th century church with a handful of microphones and even less forethought.

Alexander Carson Ellipsism
  • 1.Sonder
  • 2.Ghosts
  • 3.Midding
  • 4.Lovers
  • 5.Monochrome
  • 6.Forgotten
  • 7.Colour
  • 8.Morphine

Cat no: DR016L001PC
Label: Round Table Records
Info correct on: 8/2/2019