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The new double album from the acclaimed Big Thief fronter Adrianne Lenker, recorded in a one-room cabin in the woods of Western Massachusetts in spring time at the start of the pandemic.

If “music for indigo” is spacious, “mostly chimes” is mostly just space. It begins with tentative playing, but after four minutes, her guitar gets quieter and quieter, and then drops off to silence. What is left is just the swirl of chimes and birdsong, 11 minutes of pure dreamspeak. That might seem inadvisably precious or indulgent, but Lenker’s atmospheric coda has a purpose: It completes the process of disappearing that has taken place across the course of the record. On side A, there may be as many as three guitar parts, plus overdubbed vocals, in play at any moment. Side B loses the overdubs but retains the vocals. Side C is just guitar and chimes. Side D, on the other hand, is just a suggestion of what will be left when Lenker packs up and leaves. It is the wind in the trees, the sun through the branches, the robin’s egg lying cracked and hollow on the ground, a half-moon of sky blue nestled against black loam. The barely-there conclusion of this remarkable pair of records is a memory frozen in tone, absence given form. “Oh, emptiness/Tell me ’bout your nature,” Lenker asks in “zombie girl.” Taken together, songs and instrumentals provide an answer.

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Adrianne Lenker songs and instrumentals
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  • 5.heavy focus
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  • 7.come
  • 8.zombie girl
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