Banquet is an independent record shop in Kingston, just on the outskirts of London. We're a real record shop run by real people. Our mail order is a big part of what we do, as we send out thousands of mail order packages a month. But we are and always will be, a real record shop on the High Street, or in our case, Eden Street. We sell new-copies-only vinyl, CDs and more from the worlds of indie, punk-rock, and modern dance music, as well as soundtracks and re-issues of classics. Navigating round our site should tell you more and give you a feel of what we're about.

As well as being a record shop, we're a concert and clubs promoter, putting on 200+ events a year in and around Kingston. These range from intimate in-store gigs to a dozen people, to international touring bands playing our local nightclub. Doing the small shows is just as important to us as doing the big gigs. Because we know it is to you too. Find out about our future shows from the events page.

Banquet as we know it today was formed in 2004 when we took over the struggling business it was then from the ashes of the Beggars Banquet chain of shops. We continue to be run by and for music fans. We're very lucky to do this job and thank you for allowing us to do so.

Find us at: Banquet Records, 52 Eden Street, Kingston, Surrey, KT1 1EE.
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Phone: 020 8549 5871.

Email: if it's about something you've ordered (please include an order number). (please include a subject) for other queries. 

Company number: 0121 0073.
VAT number: 812 8363 35.

Opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
Thursday: 10am - 7pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

However, with regular in-store gigs and promotional events, our hours are often extended and sometimes access to the shop is limited when artists are in-store. Please check ahead if necessary.