Very limited indeed, likely to get 1 shipment only of this. It is a fully licensed 8-bit version of Kid A by Radiohead and has been specifically remastered just for this release. The examples of it on the internet do not do the sound quality of this specific pressing justice.

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8 Bit Radiohead Kid 8
  • 1.Everything in its Right Place
  • 2.Kid A
  • 3.The National Anthem
  • 4.How to Disappear Completely
  • 5.Treefingers
  • 6.Optimistic
  • 7.In Limbo
  • 8.Idioteque
  • 9.Morning Bell
  • 10.Motion Picture Soundtrack

Item code: UFO4LP
Label: Jackpot Records
Info correct on: 17/9/2019