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Indies exclusive LP is on 180g white vinyl. Regular LP is on 180g black vinyl.

Both LPs include a booklet.

We've got some A2 posters of the album artwork - these are FREE with a purchase of the regular LP, you just pay a little extra P&P.

The hugely anticiapted new album from the Sheffield-based post-rock ./ experimental stalwarts 65daysofstatic, bringing another offfering of their highly expansive, sonic landscapes. This will mark their first studio album since 2013's Wild Light or the 2016 soundtrack to No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe.

From the eventual smouldering wreckage of their broken software systems and entropic algorithms, the band realised their next record needed to be the opposite. An album born from the debris, but stripped down to its most focussed, intentional form.

replicr, 2019 is the album carved from the wreckage. Forty two minutes of dread. A record that stares head on into the abyssal futures of late capitalism and refuses to blink. A melancholic, tireless soundtrack of acceleration. A feeling of frayed-nerved, time smudged, light-speed drifting through cities built upon cities. Neon seen through rain riddled windowpanes. replicr, 2019 is a stark, angular, stripped back slab of focussed noise. It wastes no time because there is no time left to waste.

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