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Alex Smoke
Love Over Will

Full-length from electronic producer Alex Smoke who futher experiments with his voice! . . Alex Smoke returns with his latest opus ‘Love Over Will’, perfectly crafted electronica, brimming with layers that mixes depth, euphoria and social commentary in equal measure...   read more

Alex Smoke - Love Over Will


Debut full-length from Also aka Appleblim and Second Storey. . These heavy studio / live loose jams sessions have borne truly verdant musical fruit inspired as much by classic R&S alumni from Aphex Twin to Blawan and the Detroit axis of Carl Craig and Juan Atkins. The album drip..   read more


Blue Daisy
Darker Than Blue

London rapper, MC, musiscian and producer Blue Daisy releases Darker Than Blue an album that crosses paths between rap, rock, blues and punk. It's something quite special!. . .    read more

Blue Daisy - Darker Than Blue

James Blake
Love What Happened Here

Limited to 5000 worldwide. Rounding off a great year for James, this is his third EP release for R&S and includes non-album tracks.. . R&S finish off another excellent year with a brand new EP from James Blake. His CMYK and Klavierwerke releases for the label are widely regarded..   read more

James Blake - Love What Happened Here

33 / 45

. Limted vinyl only 12" single from nonkeen, aka Nils Frahm and Sebastian Singwald & Frederic Gmeiner. . Featuring two tracks from the recent album cut loud on each side of a 12” and housed in a sleeve featuring photographs from Klaus Frahm. Sometimes it is hard for nonkee..   read more

Nonkeen - 33 / 45

The Gamble

. Debut album from nonkeen, a new project featuring Nils Frahm and his childhood friends Sebastian Singwald and Frederic Gmeiner. . In 1989, East German schoolboy Sebastian Singwald spent 2 weeks at their school. Frahm and Gmeiner bonded with him instantly. Their friendship grew..   read more

Nonkeen - The Gamble

Tale Of Us
North Star

Double AA side from Berlin duo Tale Of Us. . Known for their extremely high standards that have seen them discard hundreds of tracks in the search for the perfect beat, this exacting precision is highly evident - from the cut glass synth arpeggios, swelling cinematic pad sounds o..   read more

Tale Of Us - North Star

Bottom Out

New 12" from electronic producer TesselaInspired by a frenetic session in the days after hearing Ben UFO’s Fabric Birthday party DJ set, the phasing drum track and disorientating acid squiggles are sure to confound and tantalise in equal measure. Long time partner in crime..   read more

Tessela - Bottom Out

The Prodigy
Roadblox: Paula Temple Remixes

Paula Temple's remix of The Prodigy's Roadblox. . Roadblox is one of the standout tracks from their latest opus ‘The Day Is My Enemy’. R&S’s arena filling noisenik Paula Temple was honoured to remix the track and has provided two superb remixes the first featuri..   read more

The Prodigy - Roadblox: Paula Temple Remixes

For Years

'For Years' is the debut album from James Blake collaborator & established R&S artist Airhead, aka Rob McAndrews and marks the four year transition/rise from bedroom producer to international touring musician.. . It spans from tracks like “Azure Race,” “Milkola..   read more

Airhead - For Years

Alex Smoke

‘GreenMan’s sinusoidal funk follows on in the vein of ‘Dust’, shuffling drum programming, snaking melody lines and Alex’s hiccupping vocodered vox combine to anthemic effect. ‘LSD’ lives up to its name with a spacious, yet urgent acidic-h..   read more

Alex Smoke - Greenman

Aphex Twin

Long overdue re-issue of Aphex Twin's Classics, originally released 20 years ago!The album consists of the Digeridoo and Xylem Tube EPs combined onto one CD with a handful of other songs. The album contains James' signature acid house sensibilities. It mostly features repetitive..   read more

Aphex Twin - Classics

Aphex Twin / AFX
Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Re-press of Aphex's third ever release, his debut studio album. Originally released in 1992 on the Belgian sub-label of R&S, Apollo, can't believe this album is over 20 years old now, a piece of timeless electronica.    read more

Aphex Twin / AFX - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Mountain Divide EP

Expected 13th October. . Opener 'Mountain Divide' hits the listener with a epic blitzkrieg of bass, juddering noise, and howling, subterranean feedback, cut through with fizzing drums, to tremendous atmospheric effect: "Like screaming into the wind on the top of a mountain" in th..   read more

Lakker - Mountain Divide EP (Now Available For Pre-Order!)


. Sixth full-length from ace London producer Lone. exploring ambient, jungle and hardcore!. . “It was pretty terrifying - I'd try to go to sleep and I'd be hearing mad rave tunes form in my head. When i recovered i was left with all these ideas for fast, feverish tunes. Fol..   read more

Lone - Levitate

Reality Testing

Black vinyl double LPs. . New album from producer Lone aka Matt Cutler. . "I was listening to a lot of Detroit techno and old Chicago house that had the same grain and dirtiness to it as a lot of the hip hop I was listening to..That was the real spark—I wanted to make an al..   read more

Lone - Reality Testing

Airglow Fires

Airglow Fires' is the first new Lone material to emerge since his masterful Galaxy Garden album. Very reminiscent of Luke Vibert's 'Kerrier District' project, deep wonky disco sounds!Departing from the themes of the rave/hardcore revival and cinematic interstellar travel, 'Airglo..   read more

Lone - Airglow Fires

Model 500
Sonic Sunset

Model 500's Sonic Sunset remastered, repackaged and repressed on 2 x12"!Originally released in 1994 ‘Sonic Sunset’ runs at over 50 minutes over five tracks that explore ambient electronica, techno and even trance. It includes the long versions of ‘Neptune’..   read more

Model 500 - Sonic Sunset

Paul White
Shaker Notes

Excellent album from HipHop producer Paul White which sees him taking on a new directionWith a sizable legacy on One-Handed Music behind him, Paul White moves over to R&S to deliver this sumptuous album of exotic experimental fare that draws on plentiful amounts of found sound, o..   read more

Paul White - Shaker Notes

Paul White
Where You Gonna Go?

Exciting new direction for left of centre hip hop producer Paul White. Nice to see Andres on the mix too here, a fine pairing.With the sampler laid aside, the South Londoner emerges as a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer as he charts the intoxication, heartbreak and ulti..   read more

Paul White - Where You Gonna Go?

Space Dimension Controller
The Temporary Thrillz EP

In now on Double LP. . Limited first run on purple splattered vinyl 2×12” maxi EP format, that also has 4 locked grooves R&S Records return with another exciting young talent. Space Dimension Controller has already caused a fuss on the underground with his Love Quadra..   read more

Space Dimension Controller - The Temporary Thrillz EP

Rough 2

'Rough 2' opens the release up in classic style - a frenetic batacuda style drum announces the track before giving way to unhinged re-pitched synth chords and swirling filter blasts, on the flip 'Butchwax' provides a muscular drum track and crunched up, stuttering stabs of funk,..   read more

Tessela - Rough 2

Stereo Freeze

R&S follow the massive singles from Pariah, James Blake, Model 500 and Space Dimension Controller with the debut release on the label by Untold. One of the leading lights of the scene, his Hemlock label continues to blur the boundaries between, dubstep, house and techno and also..   read more

Untold - Stereo Freeze

Various Artists
In Order To Dance: R&S Records

A collection of R&S Records' classic tracks available for the first time in 10 years on CD, backed with a bonus disc of remixes from the likes of Herve, Boys Noize and Audion.. . 1. Analogue Bubblebath - Aphex Twin. 2. Kinetic (Orbital remix) - Golden Girls. 3. Plastic Dreams - J..   read more

Various Artists - In Order To Dance: R&S Records
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